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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a treatment program for substance use disorders that uses medications along with counseling and behavioral therapies. 


Substance abuse and addiction are complex diseases of the brain. Many factors can contribute to addictive behavior including both genetics and our environment. Traumatic experiences in your past or mental health issues can increase your risk for substance use disorders. Treatment is available and recovery is possible.

MAT focuses on treating dependence on opioids, such as heroin and prescription pain relievers that contain opiates. At La Familia, all our patients receive comprehensive primary care including the treatment of addiction, good preventive care, and treatment of all other conditions for the patient and the whole family. We especially recognize the importance of behavioral health services as a part of treatment for substance abuse, to address the aftermath of past trauma or other underlying mental health problems.  Our MAT program involves attending weekly counseling sessions, support groups or meetings. 

The first step to getting into our MAT program is becoming a patient at La Familia. You may make an appointment with any of our health care providers to establish care. During this appointment, express your interest in treatment and you will be scheduled for an initial assessment with one of our behavioral health specialists, followed by a program intake with one of the members from the MAT team.  If you are prepared to commit to recovery, you will be assigned a primary care provider who is experienced in substance abuse treatment and can prescribe Suboxone when you are ready.  Depending on your personal situation, the full process is likely to take from a couple weeks to one month.

Let us know if you are pregnant, under 18 years old, and/or homeless, so we can offer the most efficient care.


The staff at La Familia want to help you through your recovery. Our team works with the rest of the medical staff to help you navigate your experience as a patient. 


La Familia Medical Center’s mission is to foster community well-being in partnership with our patients by providing excellent, accessible, family-centered medical, dental and behavioral health care.


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