Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t this just switching one drug for another?


Individuals undergoing Suboxone treatment do have a physical dependency on the medication. However, being prescribed Suboxone allows an individual to avoid illegal activity, maintain a steady dosage of a medication, and to lead a normal life. Addiction is a complicated disease, and there is not a quick cure. It’s okay for someone to take all the time they need; Suboxone is a maintenance therapy. It stays in the body a long time and does not “turn on” the opioid receptors like narcotics or heroin does, so it doesn’t result in the same kind of rapid ups and downs. It helps satisfy the physical need and craving for opioids without creating “highs” and lets patients focus on their psychological wellness. 


Can I use Suboxone if I’m pregnant?

Going through withdrawal when pregnant is a very big pregnancy risk. Our pregnant patients are given Subutex (buprenorphine), which has the same active medication as Suboxone. This medication is safest in pregnancy and much safer than risking the frequent “highs” and withdrawals that are common when using heroin or other narcotic pills. When you are pregnant, it is important to go to a medical facility, where you can be monitored when you start the Subutex medication.  

Suboxone has been used for over 10 years in the US and Europe to treat addiction in pregnancy and it has been shown to be safe and effective. Using Suboxone consistently during pregnancy is far safer for your baby than exposure to heroin or narcotics. Treating pregnant women who are struggling with addiction with suboxone can be one very effective tool to help both mothers and babies in a safe and effective way. Whether you should use suboxone during pregnancy is a question for you and your doctor to discuss.

What other services are available at La Familia?


La Familia providers care for you and your whole family. In addition to prenatal, delivery, post-partum and pediatric care, we also offer medical care for adults and children, immunizations, urgent care, preventive services, family planning, a confidential teen clinic and geriatric care. We also provide dental, behavioral health and wellness and health education services.


We also have testing and treatment services for Hepatitis C, which is a common illness among those who have used intravenous drugs.  There are new treatments available for Hepatitis C that have almost no side effects and just take a few months to complete.  If you have Hepatitis C or if you have used IV drugs in the past, it’s important to tell your provider so you can be tested and treated.  Left untreated, Hepatitis C can lead to liver failure and even death.

Who can get care at La Familia?

Anyone can get medical, dental and behavioral health care at La Familia regardless of their ability to pay or insurance status or citizenship status. At La Familia Medical Center we will work with you to find programs and insurance to cover your medical costs. We will never deny care based on your ability to pay. La Familia also has many Spanish-speaking providers and translation service for other languages.

I want to help my loved one who is suffering from addiction. What should I keep in mind?

If you have a loved one who seems to be suffering from opioid dependence, approach them with patience and kindness. Offer them information and let them know you are there to support them. If you are able and if they agree, you are welcome to come to appointments with this person. Take the time to educate yourself on addiction and treatment, like you are doing right now. And remember to take care of yourself too.


La Familia Medical Center’s mission is to foster community well-being in partnership with our patients by providing excellent, accessible, family-centered medical, dental and behavioral health care.


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