From Numbness

to Awakening

3 women in the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program are telling their stories over the course of 2 years.

The artists attend lessons on the technical aspects of photography, photo history, composition and storytelling. Their work is and will be shared with other program participants, other service providers in the community, the general public and current and potential program funders.


If you think you’re close, get even closer. 


We started by looking at self-representation and personal storytelling. Those stories are available on this website under Participant Photographs


In April and May 2018, the artists were Artists in Residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute, using the space to host classes, an exhibition and make video and audio stories. We looked at causes of addiction in Northern New Mexico and produced a multi-media piece about homelessness, viewable below. We also produced the program video on the homepage of this site and the website itself.

The narratives that surround us shape how we see ourselves and others, and are so often formed and told by those in positions of power. Everything you see was produced by the artists (patients) themselves.

Addiction has many root causes that cannot be addressed within the clinic walls. We hope that this narratives can help educate our community and make it a more supportive space for those recovering from addiction.

The artists present their work to support groups, service providers, funders and other interested parties. Please be in touch if you would like to learn more!
Santa Fe New Mexican Pasatiempo
The Richard Eeds Show

Santa Fe Art Institute, From Numbness to Awakening opening reception, May 2018 

Photograph by Adria Malcolm


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